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Time Barons is now available as a free print & play! All the files you need can be downloaded here.


Time Barons is now available for purchase at stores worldwide! Buy it online or at your friendly local game store. And if your local store doesn't carry it, ask them to order it — they should be able to get a copy easily.

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We've posted a video explanation of the rules that you can watch to get started faster. In addition, the online card bible provides a complete directory of all the cards. We will be adding FAQ information here, so if you run into a card question, consider giving this directory a check.


It's official, Time Barons will be published by WizKids in October of 2017! We are incredibly excited to bring you a new and improved version of the game with the help of our new partners at WizKids. The new Time Barons will retail for $25 and contain new content. Here's what you can expect:

- Balance improvements to the original cards

- Graphical improvements throughout

- 50 brand new expansion cards that introduce new mechanisms

- Support for team and free-for-all modes that allow up to 4 players to compete

- Better prices overseas due to WizKids distribution network

Stay tuned to this website or our mailing list above for more information about the upcoming release.


It's finally time to consider some changes for version 1.3 of Time Barons. Below are the changes currently on the table. All of these changes require further testing before making the final cut. Let me know if you think I've missed anything!

Increase the cost of Hospital to [2] - The general consensus is that Hospital is one of the most powerful cards in the game, and [1] might simply be too cheap for such a useful card.

Make Radio Station cheaper to use - Under this change, Radio Station's current follower requirement would drop from (3) to (2). Radio Station would also gain a second ability costing (4). This second ability would have the same effect as the first ability (take a follower from your opponent) but would not require the spending of an action.

Archaeology can get any discarded card - Under current rules, Archaeology can only get a discarded card of lower than your current level. Under new rules, you could get any discarded card.

Decrease the cost of Robotics Lab to [1] - In previous revisions, the other Level III sites became cheaper, but now it's possibly time for Robotics Lab to get the same treatment. While this card's effect is very powerful, its placement in the Level III deck makes it hard to take advantage of, especially when you are behind.

Fortify the Doomsday Laser - This is a minor change, but given how hard it is to field a Doomsday Laser, it seems like a small buff is in order. Also feels thematically right.

Reinvent Loss of Faith - While Loss of Faith is fine in terms of balance, it is strategically boring in the sense that it offers few choices for either player. I'm still exploring options, but here are some potential versions:

Military Base - This card currently makes it very easy to destroy whole sites in one go, making it arguably better than Missile Silo. I could simply cap the damage at 2, but that might be clunky. An alternate tweaked version might require the user to spread the damage around, which has the nice side effect of helping a player who is behind more than a player who is in the lead. It's a significant nerf, so the site would also have to be cheaper. The new text might be: [2] Military Base - (0): Sacrifice any number of followers on Military Base to 1 damage for each follower sacrificed. Each point of damage must be assigned to a different site.

Thanks to Tom Francis (@Pentadact) for contributing ideas to this list.


For those who are interested, here is the current expansion card list.

Key: [actions] (follower requirement) {integrity}

---- LEVEL I ----

[2] Battering Ram {3} (3) Do 1 structural damage. (Place a damage counter but do not kill followers.) (2) Sacrifice Battering Ram to do 2 structural damage.
[2] Barracks {3} [1] Gain 2 followers and place on Barracks. (3) Sacrifice 1 follower on Barracks to do 1 damage.
[1] Farm {3} (0) Tuck a card and gain a follower on any site. (1) Gain followers on Farm equal to the number of tucked cards.

[2] Castle {5} Fortified. When Castle enters play, gain 1 follower on Castle. (1) Relocate followers to or from Castle.
[1] Monastery {3} (3)[1] Draw 2 cards. Keep one and put the other on bottom of deck. (5)[1] Draw 3 cards instead.
[1] Alien Monolith {3} (2)[1] Draw a card of one level higher than your current level. (3) Sacrifice Alien Monolith to upgrade.
[1] Mine {3} (2): Do 1 structural damage each to 2 different sites you own and gain an action. (4): Do 1 structural damage to a site you own and gain an action.

[2] Onslaught Do 2 damage to a single site -or- 1 damage each to 2 different sites.
[1] Radicalism Do damage to a single site equal to your opponent’s level.
[1] Fertility Festival Gain 1 follower on each site you own -or- followers on a single site equal to the number of sites your opponent owns.

[R] Vendetta When one of your site is damaged, sacrifice it gain actions on your next turn equal to the site’s cost.
[1] Bad Omen Attach: If site owner upgrades, or a draw pile runs out, do 3 damage to site.
[1] Pillage Do 6 damage to an unoccupied site -or- Look at all cards tucked under one site and add one to your hand.
[R] Cannon Fodder When one of your sites is damaged, sacrifice any number of followers on a single site to prevent one damage for each follower sacrificed.

----- LEVEL II ----

[1] Port {3} (0) Tuck a card and gain a relocate. (3) Draw cards equal to the number of tucked cards.
[2] Mortar {3} (3) Do 1 damage. (4)[1] Do 1 damage each to 2 sites.

[1] Construction Yard {3} (2): Play a site from your hand for 1 fewer action. (4): Play a site from your hand for 2 fewer actions.
[1] Supply Depot {3} (2): Remove a damage from a site you own. (3)[1]: Move an attachment to another site owned by the same player.
[1] Spy Agency {3} (1) Infinite: Whenever opponent relocates, draw a card of opponent’s level or lower. (3) Kill a follower.
[1] University {3} (1) Infinite: The abilities of your other sites require 1 fewer follower to activate. (3)[2]: Upgrade

[1] Conscription Attach: Site gains 2 followers upon attachment and 1 follower at the beginning of each future turn.

[R] Triage After your followers are killed, gain followers equal to the number killed (rounded up) and place them on any site you own.
[1] Retrofitting Attach: Site gains {3}.
[2] Demolition Do 5 damage to a site with at least one damage counter on it.
[1] Bomb Threat Attach: Site owner must immediately relocate all followers off site. Followers cannot be gained or relocated back onto site. Discard Bomb Threat at end of site owner’s turn.
[2] Revolt Do 1 damage for each occupied site your opponent owns. Divide this damage across up to 2 sites.

----- LEVEL III ----

[1] Bank {3} Fortified (0) Tuck a card and reactivate another site already activated this turn. (3) Gain actions equal to the number of tucked cards plus one.
[2] Arms Factory {4} (3) Do 1 damage and 1 additional damage for each level you are higher than your opponent. (3)[3] Do 3 damage.

[1] Power Plant {3} If Power Plant is destroyed, site owner chooses 2 of their own sites. Both sites take damage equal to the number of tucked cards.. (2)[2] Take an event out of the discard pile and play it for free. Then tuck this event.

[R] Trade Agreement When opponent plays a card, cancel that card’s effect. Opponent draws a card of your level or lower.
[3] Buyout Gain control of opponent’s site. Opponent retains their followers and relocates them to their other sites. If this is your opponent’s last site, you win the game.
[2] Dilemma Choose two of opponent’s sites. Opponent decides which one will take 6 damage.
[1] Sanctions Attach: Do 1 structural damage to site at the start of site owner’s turn. Followers cannot be relocated to or from this site.
[2] Drone Strike Kill 3 followers across up to 2 sites.

----- LEVEL IV ----

[1] Replicator {3} [1] Take any site out of the discard pile and put it into play.
[2] Alien Weapon {4} Fortified. (3) Tuck a card and do damage equal to the number of tucked cards plus one. Divide this damage among any number of sites. (3)[2] Place any draw stack in the discard pile.
[2] Nanobots Remove up to 4 damage counters from any of your sites. Then do 1 damage for each counter removed, divided among any number of sites.
[1] Brain Emulation Gain followers equal to the number of followers you currently have.
[1] Accelerating Returns Attach: Now and at the start of each turn, site owner must draw a card and immediately tuck it under this site. If site is destroyed, site owner adds all tucked cards to their hand.


Some patches have been made to the Time Barons expansion. Primarily these changes affect sites that use the new tucking mechanic.




Fertility Fest




The Time Barons expansion is in the hands of testers and should be released later this year! This expansion introduces a new mechanic called “tucking.”

Some site abilities instruct you to “tuck a card.” Tucking a card means taking a card from your hand and sliding it face down underneath the site. Typically this will make the site more powerful. If the site is destroyed, all cards tucked beneath it go to the discard pile.

Important Clarifications:


Jon first spends 1 action to play a Farm. Jon then decides to activate Farm’s first ability. This ability requires tucking a card, so Jon takes a card from his hand (Pillage) and slides it face down underneath his Farm. He does not have to reveal the identity of this card to his opponent.

Jon then gains 1 follower, since that is the effect of Farm’s first ability. Jon could place this follower anywhere, but he decides to place it on Farm.

Since tucking does not cost any actions, Jon still has 2 actions left, which he then uses to upgrade to Level II. At this point, Jon would like to activate Farm’s second ability, but he cannot, since you may only activate one ability per site per turn. So Jon ends his turn.

On Jon’s next turn, if his Farm has not been destroyed, he will have the option to activate Farm’s second ability. Farm’s second ability says that Jon may gain followers equal to “the number of tucked cards.” Since Farm now has one card tucked under it, he may activate this ability to immediately gain 1 follower on Farm.

(Note: The illustration shown at right is temporary and not final art.)


Time Barons version 1.2 is now complete and available at Game Crafter. If you still have an older version of Time Barons, please email to receive a free update pack.

Changes in the new version are as follows:

  1. Mission's abilities have been adjusted to make Mission more useful.
  2. Blockade's cost has been increased to 2.
  3. Library's second ability now requires discarding a card.
  4. Missile Silo's cost has been lowered to 1.
  5. Radio Station's cost has been lowered to 1.
  6. Archaeology now adds the option to gain a card from the discard pile.
  7. Forcefield is now "fortified."
  8. Due to cost limitations, the four-sided die previously used to mark level have been replaced by two wooden discs.


It is now possible to play Time Barons online!

The launch of a new website called Tabloro has made it easy to port tabletop games into a digital environment. Although Tabloro is still in an alpha state, it already provides a nice intuitive interface. Note that Tabloro does not enforce rules - that is left to the players - it merely allows for the easy movement of pieces and cards on a simulated tabletop.

If you want to play Time Barons online, follow these steps:

  1. Make an account on Tabloro. You can sign up here.
  2. Go to this url. Choose "create new table."
  3. Give your table a unique name.
  4. Under the advanced settings, choose the audio/video settings you want. You can uses these settings to communicate with your opponent within the Tabloro interface. Alternately you can disable these and just run another program like Google Hangouts in the background.
  5. When your table settings are complete, click "create."
  6. Find a friend to play with and send them the URL for your table. The URL should be something like:{your-table-name-here}
  7. Make sure to shuffle the card stacks before playing. Do this by drag selecting all the cards in a stack and clicking the "die" icon.
  8. Play and have fun!

Note that the online version is using the new v.1.2 rules so this is a good way to try those out and see what you think.


Soon we hope to release Time Barons v1.2, which is intended to be the final update to the game (excluding future expansions). The goal of this update is to make the game as balanced, interesting, and fun as it possibly can be.

As with the previous v1.1 update, we aim to make this update available to existing players as cheaply as possible, in the form of a small pack of cards. The v1.1 update was completely free, and we will do the same with v1.2 if possible. If not free, it will be very cheap.

So what are the changes? Below you will find the current proposed list. This list is not set in stone. More testing is needed. In the mean time, we would love to have your feedback! If you’ve been playing the game, let us know if you see any problems, and if you’d like, please start playing with these modified rules right away. Email thoughts to

(x) = Follower requirements
[x] = Action requirements

[1] MISSION - Site
(0): Discard a card to gain a relocate.
(2): Discard a card to gain 2 followers and place them on Mission.
(Summary: Abilities are switched and the follower gain is buffed)

[2] BLOCKADE - Event
Kill 1 follower at each of opponent’s sites.
(Summary: Cost has been increased to 2 actions)

[2] LIBRARY - Site
(3): Draw a card.
(5)[1]: Put a discarded card of your level or lower into your hand. Then discard a card from your hand.
(Summary: Getting a card from the discard pile now requires getting rid of a card. So you effectively have to trade a card from your hand to get one out of the discard pile.)

(2)[2]: Do 2 damage.
(3)[2]: Do 1 damage each to 2 different sites.
(Summary: Cost has been lowered to 1.)

(3)[1]: Take a follower from opponent and place it on any site you own.
(Summary: Cost has been lowered to 1.)

Sacrifice any number of followers and discard any number of cards from your hand to gain an action for each follower sacrificed and each card discarded. You may not gain more than six actions this way.
(Summary: Limit of 6 actions gained.)

Draw up to 3 cards from stacks below your current level OR put a discarded card below your current level into your hand.
(Summary: You can now opt to pick up a single discarded card instead of 3 blind draws, if you so choose.)

Fortified. (Damage done to Forcefield does not kill followers unless Forcefield is destroyed.)
(1): Infinite: your other sites cannot be damaged.
(Summary: Forcefield now has the same ability as Fort.)


Some players have expressed to us that games which end via three piles running out can feel anti-climactic. A proposed solution is what we are calling “The End of Days.” With this mechanic, drawing the final card triggers the apocalypse. From that moment forward, each player must, at the beginning of their turn, sacrifice a site of their choosing. Otherwise the game continues as usual until there is only one player left with followers.


Time Barons v1.1 is now available for purchase at The Game Crafter. If you have a copy of the previous version of Time Barons (purchased before 7/5/2014) email for a free upgrade pack.

The summary of the changes are as follows:

Soon we will be testing multiplayer Time Barons variants as well as the first expansion. To be included in future playtesting groups please email


Version 1.1 of Time Barons is currently undergoing play testing using a private PnP. If you'd like to be included in this test, please email us at

For those who are curious, the two most substantial changes being considered are:

(1) Swapping Church and Library, so that Church is in Level I and Library is in Level II.

(2) Beefing up Sentient AI so that the second activation is free and does not require actions. Thus Sentient AI would effectively double a site's ability.

If you've been playing the game enough to have strong opinions (good or bad) about these proposed changes please email us and let us know! As of now they are tentative.


Time Barons has been published online and is available for purchase!

Time Barons was designed by Jon Perry and Derek Yu and is currently published by WizKids.